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Yokazenohorizon (ヨカゼノホライズン) is a band compose of four members Rikao (Vo+B), Jalop (G), Kusuka (Key), and Uraragi (D).

From left to right: Kusuka, Lycao, Jalop, Ururagi.


A four-piece band with day jobs, they play their artistic and atmospheric sounds into the night air in a bar called "Yokaze" located in the back alley ways of the Fourthvalley area.

"Yokaze" is run by Uraragi himself.


  1. (夜風に揺れて)
  2. (夜風と出会って)
  3. (夜風を信じて)
  4. (夜風に戸惑って)
  5. (夜風に乗って)

Song List

Songs List
Awakening World 夜風に揺れて 幻Forest イメージノ
Fes a Live
Realistic Interface


  1. Yokazenohorizon's literal meaning is "Horizon of the Night Wind".
  2. The band was official release on August 31, 2018 and is the franchise's 14th original band.
  3. "Awakening World" is the band's debut song upon release with Sanrio releasing a lyric music video on August 29, 2018, prior to the band's official release.
  4. All four member have day jobs (Rikao is a lawyer, Jalop is a hairdresser, Kusuka is a blogger, and Ururagi is a bartender and runs the "Yokaze" bar).
  5. All members' birthday are on 4th day (Rikao is on October, Jalop and Kuuska are on March, and Uraragi is on December). This is also pun of 四日(Yokka) means Fourth Day)


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