YOKAI STREET is a location in Midicity.


In Tour mode, Shinimonogurui is located here.


A place in Sound World that's slightly further away from MidiCity when compared to other towns, Yokai Street is a town full of strange folk. The oddity and creepiness of the methods used by the Yokai to greet visitors often scare them, thus resulting in very few people daring to enter Yokai Street. However, the Yokai are actually pretty friendly once they take off their "greeting masks" (their greeting, which includes making scary faces and noises), and they mean no harm.

One such incident happened just at the entrance of Yokai Street involving ShingancrimsonZ where Crow, Aion, and Yaiba were visibly spooked by the place's nature and their first experience with a Yokai's greeting, while Rom managed to cover slightly more distance than the rest before also being scared by the same Yokai and his greeting. The band eventually makes it to the event and performs, and mistakes the Dark Monster that interrupted their performance for a much bigger Yokai. After defeating the Dark Monster, the Dark Energy managed to slip up Aion's leg and would later taint his Melodisian Stone dark.

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