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Uwasanopetals (ウワサノペタルズ lit. "Rumor Petals") is a band composed of four members Shibarin (Vo+Gt), Pokoe (Key), Kittsun(D), and Hakkun(B).

The singing is done by LUNA

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Uwasanopetals is a school band that was formed in Tsukizato high school, a school located in a mountain village far away from MIDI City.

Although they are mainly active during events like school festivals, their potential has already earned them contract offers by major labels.

They plan to start performing in MIDI City after graduation.


  1. Community Center LIVE! (公民館LIVE!)
  2. Culture Festival LIVE! (文化祭LIVE!)
  3. Our LIVE! (わだすたちのLIVE!)
  4. Inexperienced LIVE! (未熟なLIVE!)
  5. Fluffy LIVE! (ふわふわLIVE!)
  6. Girls-Only Gathering LIVE! (女子会LIVE!)
  7. Country Bumpkin LIVE!?(ごんべさんLIVE!?)
Songs List
流星群 イナズマ 青い月 最終列車 ハツコイノオト