Fuwafuwa? fake? Yanigupan
Yaginupan UR
What am I? A bird, although not an agepan... I become a panda.
Initial Stats
Red:334 Blue:403 Green:298
Yellow:349 Purple:2043
Final Stats
Red:3730 Blue:3503 Green:3123
Yellow:4230 Purple:21508
Active Skill
P Score Boost ☆ 4
Score +600 points after 40 PERFECT notes
Passive Skill
Fuwafuwa? fake?
Fever gauge accumulates faster
fake? 434343e! Shimiswans
Shimi UR
Everyone's been waiting for it! This is my ultimate pose! 434343e!
Initial Stats
Red:470 Blue:530 Green:214
Yellow:250 Purple:2100
Final Stats
Red:2300 Blue:5763 Green:3409
Yellow:4302 Purple:19549
Active Skill
C Score Boost ☆ 4
35% probability score +1400 points after 40 notes combo
Passive Skill
fake? 434343e!
Fever gauge accumulates faster
I Wanna be Happy! Ochi the Duck
Do you want to be happy? I want to.
Initial Stats
Red:154 Blue:599 Green:187
Yellow:575 Purple:2104
Final Stats
Red: Blue: Green:
Yellow: Purple:
Active Skill
P Rhythm Wide
PERFECT rate increase after 50 PERFECT notes.
Passive Skill
I Wanna be Happy
Score 2x up during fever mode.
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