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September 16
Mumon (Bear)
Ai Kayano (茅野愛衣)
Natalie Hoover (English)
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Tsukino (ツキノ), is a member of the band Criticrista and the band's vocalist and keyboardist.

With good hearing sense and superhuman powers given from nature, she leads the band's melody with high quality.

She is also the head of the student council's "beautification" committee.



Tsukino is a pale yellow bear with a white muzzle and blue bear ears to match her puffy tail. Her inner-ear is pale yellow, while her nose is blue to match her eyes. She has long, slightly curled ice-blue hair with straight cut bangs and messy bottom, along with a single, large pale yellow ahoge. She wears a white top with a navy collar that has a loose white and blue ribbon hanging from the neck, attached to a blue gem spade. Beneath her top is a loose pale blue top with sleeves hanging around her arm, along with a navy pleat skirt lined with white tulle, and brown tights with tan lines and the inner thigh cut out. Her white boots have pale blue cuff, while her gloves go past her elbows. Hanging around her neck is a two-tail white scarf with gold spade designs. In her hair she wears a blue spade hair clip.

In Black form, Tsukino's hair, ears, and tail darken while the hair clip she wears turns into a gem ornament. Her outfit turns dark grey with blue accents.

As MofuMofu, Tsukino gains a fluffy bear cap of pale blue to match her new fluffy paw gloves and boots, along with her top and skirt. Her scarf is made of white fluff to match the trip of her cap. Her hair returns to its normal color while her eyes gain detailing to them. Her hair clip remains dark in color with a metallic finish.

As Wedding Tsukino, her eyes gain further detailing and her hair clip lightens in color while her ears and tail darken. She wears a silver tiara with light blue gems surrounding a single sapphire spade in the center. She wears a crystal blue gown with long pale blue gloves and boots, each with ribbons on them. Her scarf is no longer present, instead she gains petal-like wings with spade symbols on them and wispy ribbons.

In the anime, her design is about the same but with slightly darker colors. Her tights are now dark pink, and her boots gain more detailing.


Due to her experience before she went to MIDI Girls High, she's very naive ​


Before entering St Midi Girl's Academy, she lived deep in the mountains.

She is enrolled in St Midi Girl's Academy, where she met Rosia, Jacklyn, and Holmy, and they have been close friends ever since.


  • Rosia - Bandmate
  • Holmy - Bandmate
  • Jacklyn - Bandmate
  • Ogasawara - Manager (Former)


  • When daydreaming she usually thinks about food.