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Trichronika (トライクロニカ) is a band composed of three members Riku (リク), Shu☆Zo (シュウ☆ゾー) and Kai (カイ).

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From super major label "Judas", which has many handsome male artists, a 3 piece band debuted like a comet. Frontman Shuu☆Zo, originally the vocalist of a visual kei band, was recruited by the scouting office and reborn as the leader of an idol band. Twin rookie dancers, Kai (older brother) and Riku (younger brother) were lucky enough to be included as support.


  1. The Goddess Is Our Ally☆ (女神はボクたちの味方さ☆)
  2. Have Faith in Me☆ (ボクを信じればいいのさ☆)
  3. You Guys Are Our Rivals!? (キミたちはライバル!?)
  4. The Stars Everyday Secret Life☆ (スターの日常は秘密さ☆)
  5. The Twins Confusion☆ (ツインズの困惑なのさ☆)
  6. Live is Passion☆ (生放送はパッションなのさ☆)
  7. The Opening of the Brand New Stage☆ (新たな舞台の幕開けさっ☆)
Songs List
InSight Get the Sound Small&StarLight キミと☆Are You Ready? ボクらのShiny Star☆
今夜は星空ディスコティック☆ 煌☆Chronicle 胸騒ぎJust☆Paradise 青春☆サンセット
Songs Not In Game
虚飾の旋律 ときめきレモネード 男ゴコロ☆天使ゴコロ!

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