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Tekebakitsusou (テケバキツ荘 lit. "Tekebakitsu Manor") is a band composed of four members: Takubaning (D), Takeppar (Vo+Gt), Fujireido (B), and Yoshiten (Gt).

They are based off the real life band Usotsuki (ウソツキ)

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An indie band formed by residents living in the same apartment. Wanting to form a band, Takubaning got the idea to invite Takeppar, who always sings loudly in his room.[1] Afterwards, Fujireido and Yoshiten moved into the apartment. With music that is painful, invigorating, and feels like a hidden, hot soul, their fans gather in the heart of Undernorthzawa.


  1. Live of Fire! Curtain Raising (炎のライブ!いざ開演)
  2. Welcome to Tekebakitsusou (テケバキツ荘へようこそ)
  3. The Shadow Sneaking in the Stillness (静に忍び寄る影)
  4. Strange Smoke in the Apartment (アパートにくすぶる怪異)
  5. At Your Own Pace (君はマイペース)
  6. Tengu Released into the Wild (野に放たれた天狗)
  7. Takeppar Loses His Temper (タケッパー、いきり立つ)
Songs List
新木場発、銀河鉄道 過去から届いた光の手紙 金星人に恋をした 旗揚げ運動 一生分のラブレター


  • The name "Tekebakitsusou" with its syllables reversed spells "Usotsukibakete," which when written as "ウソツキ化けて" means "Usotsuki in disguise."
  • The district mentioned in their bio, Undernorthzawa, is a stand-in for Shimokitazawa (下北沢), a commercial district in west Tokyo mentioned in the lyrics of "Shinkiba Hatsu, Ginga Tetsudou" (新木場発、銀河鉄道). However, in the game, they play in S-River.


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