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Studdo Ban Gyasshu (すたっどばんぎゃっしゅ) is a band composed of four members: Zebrina(Key), Citti(Vo+Gt), Laina(B) and Fennery(D).

Singing done by voice actress Hayashi Saori (林沙織), who has since retired due to depression.

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Musicianship with a cool and cute style, this major girl band is rising in popularity!

They have been performing in live houses of the Shibu Valley district until they were signed to major label A-MOX[1] Their promotional activities are also very flashy, and they rank highly in MIDICITY.


  1. Citti, Overcome with Emotion (チッティ、感極まる)
  2. Citti, Baffled (チッティ、困惑する)
  3. Citti, Praising (チッティ、称え合う)
  4. Citti, Stumped (チッティ、辟易する)
  5. Citti, Misunderstood (チッティ、誤解する)
  6. Citti, Overwhelmed (チッティ、圧倒される)
  7. Citti, Encouraged (チッティ、励ます)
Songs List
Proof of my soul OVER"D"LIVE! 告白≧Revolution カケヒキモード イノセントチューン
ローテンションボーイ 線幸花火 IDENTITY CLOUD9


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