Spectrenotes (スペクトルノーツ) is a band comprised of five members: Ivary (Dr), Maotti (Vn), Kanāto (Vo+Gt), Kikka (Gt+Vo), and Hidenīro (Ba).

Spectrenotes is based on BIGMAMA, an alternative rock band formed in Tokyo 2001.



A five-piece band from far west of MIDICITY that got on the light train from the music and arts capital, Brifran City. A band with an aggressive sound, a conceptual live style, they combine rock and classic to create "Roclassick" and build their own world view. They are engaged in a wide range of musical activities.


  1. The Beginning of Splendor (光輝に満ちたはじまり)
  2. Discussing our Glowing Tomorrow (光る明日への話し合い)
  3. Friendships in the Glow (友情は輝きの中に)
  4. The Truth is in the Light (真実は光の中に)
  5. Girls-Only Meeting Overflowing With Light ♡ (光あふれる女子会♡)
  6. Light of the Introduction (はじめましての光)
  7. Spirited Off-Time (心煌めくオフタイム)
Songs List
秘密 Swan Song Weekend Magic MUTOPIA Merry-Go-Round
荒狂曲"シンセカイ" CRYSTAL CLEAR
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