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Shizuku Secret Mind (雫シークレットマインド) is a band composed of four members Turtle B・I・G(B), Wendy(Vo), Corriente(Gt), and Shabobon(D).

Singing done by Chihiro Fujita

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An indie band from the water city of Venicillin known for their transparent vocals and flexible music. All members are classmates in a music school. They visit Midi City for the first time on a music apprenticeship.

To cover the living and studio costs, they have a part time job selling mineral water.[1]


  1. Like the Flow of Water (水のながれのように)
  2. It's My Sea... (俺の海よ…)
  3. A Clear Day After the Rain (雨のち晴れ…)
  4. Engulfed in Water... (水につつまれて…)
  5. Water Is Circling (水がめぐりて…)
  6. Know the Ocean (大海を知る)
  7. The Flow of Each Waters (それぞれの水の流れ)
Songs List
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