Shinimonogurui Gallery

Shinimonogurui (しにものぐるい) is a band composed of five members MonMon(B), DyuraDyura(Gt),

Marimari(Vo+Gt), Tsugihagi(Key) and GashiGashi(D).

They are based off the real singer Ueda Marie (植田真梨恵).

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A youkai band that has been active around MIDICITY 6 Avenue. In an alley commonly known as "Youkai Street," youkai bands play every night, including Shinimonogurui. Marimari is not just a guitarist, but also plays piano and is in charge of songwriting.


  1. We are Youkai (私たちは妖怪)
  2. Still Youkai? (それでも妖怪?)
  3. In Any Event, Youkai! (とにかく妖怪!)
  4. Do Your Best Youkai! (がんばれ妖怪!)
  5. Persist Youkai!! (こだわる妖怪!!)
  6. Nostalgic Youkai... (偲ぶ妖怪…)
  7. Shy Youkai!? (照れる妖怪!?)
Songs List
心と体 S・O・S サファイア! メリーゴーランド 彼に守ってほしい10のこと
泣いてない わかんないのはいやだ ふれたら消えてしまう ダイニング REVOLVER
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