Official language

The content of this Wiki should be expressed in either British or American English. This is an English language Wiki,
so edits should be carried out in English as often as possible-- with exceptions to thing's such as Japanese lyrics on the pages of songs or if an english translation is currently not readily available.

Naturally once translated it will be replaced and removed unless it is one of the few special cases of course.

If ever you see a translated article (for instance, the names of the voice actors) then please do not revert it to japanese, it makes it troublesome for everyone here on the wikia.

In which instance however if you wish to include the japanese variation instead put it besides the english version in (between here) and it will be acceptable.

Page linking

A page can only be linked once per article. The first mention should be linked to the said article. For example, the first mention of Cyan in an article should be linked, while the second mention of Cyan should not be.

Fan Content

Fan content (including fan art, fan fics etc.) is not to be used in the content of pages.

They can be freely used on personal user pages or blogs, so long as both the Unofficial Image and Personal Photo categories are added to the image. Fan Content may also be added to the 'Fanworks' page however please note you need the person who created it's permission first if you yourself did not create the art piece in question.

Further rules exclusive to the Fanworks page will be placed on the page,
so check there for more information if you're interested!


Make sure the images you upload are the best quality available.

Do not add non-canonical information to any articles of the wiki, One of the admins will approach you regarding this in order to explain to you why your edit was removed in case it was simply a mistake.

Vandalism and language

Vandalism is not tolerated under any circumstances.

Removing content from the pages, adding "funny" content, changing back names which have been proven to have originally been written incorrectly is considered vandalism. This is a virtual encyclopedia; we use official and correct terms in explanation on appearance. Vulgar and/or slang terms in the wiki articles, forums, or anywhere else on the wiki are unwelcome.