These are the main in-game options where you can adjust sound and gameplay settings.

GameVol GameSFX

Sound Settings (サウンド設定) - Adjust the volume for BGM, TAP, SFX.

In Game Settings (ゲーム設定) you can adjust various visual settings that can ease gameplay.

Review Message Box (レビューの案内表示) - Turns on/off the message which asks you to review the game on Google Play/the App Store. It's recommended to keep this option on because with every new update you are rewarded one melodisian for reviewing or simply visiting the app's page.

Tune Synchronization Staging (楽曲同期演出) - Turns on/off some of the spotlights.

Slide Mode (スライドモード) - Turns on/off slide mode.

Skill Staging (スキル演出) - Turns on/off skill character images.

Tap Staging (タップ演出) - Turns on/off some tap effects.

Fever Staging (フィーバー演出) - Turns on/off some fever special effects.

Change Simultaneous Color Notes (同時押し色変更) - Turns the color off/on for simultaneous notes.

Simultaneous Notes Line Display (同時押し線表示) - Turns off/on the line which connect simultaneous notes.

Music Synchronization Type (譜面同期タイプ) - Type A synchronizes the music according to your device's refresh rate, while Type B uses the apps default setting. When switching between types it is recommended to readjust your timing.

Return to Initial Settings (初期設定に戻す) - Defaults Sound and Game settings.

Timing Adjustment (タイミング調整) - Just as in the tutorial, lets you adjust tap timing if your game is out of sync.

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