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Ninjinriot (忍迅雷音) is a band composed of four members: Oboro(Gt), Arashi(Vo+Gt), Rin(B) and Kamui(D).

Singing is done by Naoya Hirose (廣瀬 直也).

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A cyber ninja band who came from the future in a time slip. They came to this period to search for “The Scroll of  Ultimate Secret Arts” that has been lost in the future. Their instruments cannot be handled by just anyone, but by those that have mastered their secrets.

They are not signed under any label, instead they often give elusive live performances on the streets.[1]


  1. Their Secret...? (彼らの秘密とは…?)
  2. Their Objective...? (彼らの目的とは…?)
  3. Their Music...? (彼らの音楽とは…?)
  4. Their Desires...? (彼らの想いとは…?)
  5. Their Scroll they Seek...? (彼らの求める巻物とは…?)
  6. Their Destiny...? (彼らと彼女らの縁とは?)
  7. Their Lifeline...? (彼らの生命線とは…?)
Songs List
MISSION to the night,FASHION for the fight Soldier Named The Shadow Thunder,Light,Stone,Fire ~電・光・石・火~ 手裏修羅雷 -BAKUEN- Dead or A live!!
水面の歌 Ninja Fanka


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