Avatar Edit (アバター編集) - Takes you to the avatar customization screen.

Interior Shop (インテリアショップ) - This is where you can buy interior items. Items are separated by new, sale, limited (限定), tables, chairs, beds, electronics, dressers/cabinets, windows, wallpaper/flooring, other (その他), and expansion. Interior items cost soundollars while expansions costs 5 melodisians. When you select an item you may either buy it and send it to your storage (購入して倉庫に送), or see how it looks in your room before purchasing (購入して設置に送). You can also view how many of the selected item you already own under (所持数), or what is required for you to use or buy this item under terms of purchase (購入条件).

Warehouse (倉庫) - Your storage, or your interior items that are not currently in your room. Here you can sell any unwanted items by selecting them and choosing sell (売却する) or place them in your room by selecting place (設置する). On the top right corner you may check the max amount of interior items placed (設置数) and stored (収納数), you may expand this by 10 slots for 1 melodisians. Interior items placed in your room do not go towards your storage count, therefore if your storage is full you may not put away items currently in your room.

Interior Effects (インテリア効果) - Check effects of interior items.

Friends (フレンド) - Your friends list. Here you can visit your friends room by clicking visit (訪問). Once you arrive in their room you have the option 69だね!at the top right. This is equivalent to "liking" their room, and doing so will give you 10 friendship points. In your friends list you can also check to see who has liked your room and who you liked under 69だね!した人 and 69だね!してくれた人 respectively. You may like the room of someone who is not your friend, but it will only give you 5 friendship points.

Random Visit (ランダム訪問) - Takes you a random player’s room.

Interior Items

Customizing Avatar

List of Bromide UR Items

All the following UR Bromides reward you a poster alongside their unique items. Kami Gacha and promotional URs have no items associated with them.

UR Bromide UR Item Image
MAX Tension Cyan♪ Chibi Cyan Doll CyanTsum
MAX Tension Chuchu♪ Chibi Chuchu Doll ChuChuTsum
MAX Tension Retoree♪ Chibi Retoree Doll RetoreeTsum
MAX Tension Moa♪ Chibi Moa Doll MoaTsum
Cyan: Swimsuit Magical♪ Cyan's White Swimsuit + Water Gun CyanSwimsuit
Chuchu: Swimsuit Magical♪ Chuchu's Swimsuit + Ice Cream ChuChuSwimsuit
Retoree: Swimsuit Magical♪ Retoree's Swimsuit + Beach Ball RetoreeSwimsuit
Moa: Swimsuit Magical♪ Moa's Swimsuit + Swim Ring MoaSwimsuit
Halloween Cyan Nyan♡ Halloween Strawberry Heart HalloweenStrawberryHeart
Retoree Beating Heart♡ Retoree's Chocolate RetoreeChoco
Weakling Retoree Chibi Retoree Doll RetoreeTsum
Pyuru Pyuru! Summer Live Moa ♪ Moa's Swimsuit SummerLiveSwimsuit
Mischievous US♡ Witch ChuChu ChuChu's Mischievous Hat Chuchuhat
Plasma Christmas♪ Moa Moa Santa Outfit MoaSantaOutfit
Plasma Christmas♪ ChuChu ChuChu Santa Outfit ChuChuSanta
Plasma Christmas♪ Cyan Cyan Santa Outfit CyanSanta
Plasma Christmas♪ Retoree Retoree Santa Outfit RetoreeSanta
Sugopuru! Valentine Nyan♡ Cyan Cyan's Valentine Chocolate CyanChocolates
Purupuru♡Shopping Date♪ Retoree Retoree's Sailor Clothes RetoreeDateOutfit
Purupuru♡Shopping Date♪ Cyan Cyan's Sailor Clothes CyanDateOutfit
Purupuru♡Shopping Date♪ Moa Moa's Dress MoaOnePiece
Purupuru♡Shopping Date♪ ChuChu ChuChu's Dress ChuChuDateDress
Doki Doki! Plasmagica ♪ Cyan Doki Doki Cyan's Dress CyanDokiDokiOutfit
Doki Doki! Plasmagica ♪ ChuChu Doki Doki ChuChu's Dress DokiDokiChuChuDress
Doki Doki! Plasmagica ♪ Retoree Doki Doki Retoree's Outfit DokiDokiRetoreeOutfit
Doki Doki! Plasmagica ♪ Moa Doki Doki Moa's Dress DokiDokiMoaDress
Our Fireworks Retoree Retoree's Yukata FireworksRetoreeYukata
Miracle Bun Bun Nurse♡ Chuchu

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Made a Serious Effort: Crow Chibi Crow Doll CrowTsum
Made a Serious Effort: Aion Chibi Aion Doll AionTsum
Made a Serious Effort: Yaiba Chibi Yaiba Doll YaibaTsum
Made a Serious Effort: Rom Chibi Rom Doll RomTsum
Crimson Vampire King: Crow Vampire King's Silk Hat HWSilkHat
Halloween Soldier: Rom Halloween Soldier's Screws HalloweenScrew
New Year Hence! Hence Calligraphy of the Year Yaiba! Hence Poster HencePoster
Lion White Nights: Aion White Lion's Jacket WhiteLionOutfit
Fallen! Crimson Fireworks Apocalypse: Crown Milk from Crow's Family Farm CrowMilk
Real Wild Man Taiko: Rom Taiko Drum TaikoDrum
Legend of Full Moon Yaiba Dango Legend of the Moon Dangos LegendaryDangos
Kitchen Car Apocalypse: Crow Kitchen Car Apocalypse Clothes KitchenCarOutfit
Black Christmas Eve and Dream Coffin: Aion Black Christmas Eve and Dream Coffin XmasAion
La-Eve Crimson Apocalypse: Crow La-Eve Amplifier LaEveAmp
La-Eve Crimson Apocalypse: Yaiba La-Eve Mat LaEveMat
La-Eve Crimson Apocalypse: Rom La-Eve Speaker LaEveSpeaker
La-Eve Crimson Apocalypse: Aion La-Eve Monitor LaEveMonitor
Crimson Fallen O-Dairi-sama Apocalypse: Crow Crimson Fallen O-Dairi-sama Apocalypse's Backdrop ODairisamaBackdrop
0:52 WHITE-NIGHT: Rom 0:52's Present 052Present
New 1 Year SCZ Set! Tatebuei No Yaiba Tatebuei Tatebuei
New 1 Year SCZ Set! Kasuu Tanetsuto Aion Kasuu Tanetsuto KasuuTanetsuto
Real Wild Man Resolution! Rom "Congratulations!" Hanging Scroll CongratulationsScroll
Crimson Fallen Immoral Ragnarok: Crow Ragnarok Crow's Boots RagnarokCrowBoots
Crimson Fallen Immoral Ragnarok: Aion Ragnarok Aion's Boots RagnorakAionBoots
Crimson Fallen Immoral Ragnarok: Yaiba Ragnarok Yaiba's Boots RagnorakYaibaBoots
Crimson Fallen Immoral Ragnarok: Rom Ragnarok Rom's Boots RagnarokRomBoots
Big Athletic Meet FES' Man: Crow Crow's 1st Place Footrace Flag CrowNo1Flag
Dark Mind's Eye Kingdom's Youngest Prince: Crow
Dark Mind's Eye Kingdom's Second-Eldest Prince: Yaiba
Dark Mind's Eye Kingdom's Eldest Prince: Rom
Dark Mind's Eye Kingdom's Dark Shinto Prince: Aion

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Corriente: SS Mind Chibi Corriente Doll KorienteTsum
Wendy: SS Mind Chibi Wendy Doll WendyTsum
Turtle B・I・G: SS Mind Chibi Turtle B・I・G Doll TurtleBIGTsum
Shabobon: SS Mind Chibi Shabobon Doll ShaboTsum
Witch Corriente♪ Halloween Hat WitchHat
Shizuku Santa: Wendy A Gift from Santa Wendy WendyGift
Summer Secret: Corriente Corriente's Dress KorienteSummerDress
Summer Secret: Wendy Wendy's Delicious Water WendysWater
Shizuku Snow Live♪ Corriente Snowman Snowman
New Freshman of Shizuku City♪ Corriente School Backpack KorienteSchoolBag
Soap Dream Pool♪ Shabobon Soap Dream Pool BubblePool
Secret Garden Fountain Wendy Secret Garden Fountain SecretFountain

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Ultra Studdo! Citti Chibi Citti Doll CheetyTsum
Ultra Studdo! Laina Chibi Laina Doll LynaTsum
Ultra Studdo! Zebrina Chibi Zebrina Doll ZebrinaTsum
Ultra Studdo! Fennery Chibi Fennery Doll FennelyTsum
Studdo Snap! Fennery! Studdo Snap! Clothes StuddoSnapClothes
Studdo Outdoor Live! Citti

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Arashi: Human no Jutsu Chibi Arashi Doll ArashiTsum
Oboro: Human no Jutsu! Chibi Oboro Doll OroboTsum
Rin: Human no Jutsu! Chibi Rin Doll RinTsum
Kamui: Amplification no Jutsu! Chibi Kamui Doll KamuiTsum
Ninja Art Autumn Onigiri! Arashi Oboro Kite OboroKite
Midnight-Riot: Rin Midnight-Riot Backdrop A MidnightRiotA
Midnight-Riot: Oboro Midnight-Riot Backdrop B MidnightRiotB
Outing Ninja Art Kamui Coaster Winding: Arashi Kamui Coaster KamuiCoaster
Halloween Ninja! Arashi Halloween Lighting Shuriken HalloweenLightingShuriken

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Kabutomoaki D・O・S Chibi Kabutomoaki Doll TomoTsum
Kuwagatatsuya D・O・S Chibi Kuwagatatsuya Doll TatsuyaTsum
Tentoumutsumi D・O・S Chibi Tentoumutsumi Doll MutsuTsum
Great Cheerleader! Kabutomoaki! East MIDI Technical High School's Cheerleading Flag EastMidiHighFlag
MIDI Alarm: Traffic Riot Police! Kuwagatatsuya Traffic Riot Police Helmet PoliceHelmet
After the Rain, After School: Kabutomoaki After the Rain, After School Vocabulary Book RainyVocabBook

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Kintaurus: Worked Up Chibi Kintaurus Doll KinTsum
Midnight Devil: Deyan Chibi Deyan Doll DeyanTsum
Space Otter Uchuura Chibi Uchuura Doll UchuuTsum
Storm! Moonlight Daishizen Chibi Daishizen Doll DaishizenTsum
Lavender Field Kintaurus Kintaurus' Lavender Field LavenderField
Midnight Halloween: Deyan MNH Deyan's Police Hat MNHHat
New Year! Happy Event Uchuura New Year Uchuura's Radio Waves UchuuraRadioWaves
New Year! First Sunrise Daishizen New Year Daishizen's Loincloth DaishizenLoincloth
Spring Snow Border: Kintaurus Kintaurus' Snowboard Replica KinSnowboard
Midnight Skiier: Deyan Deyan's Torch DeyanTorch
Kintaurus Rendezvous Kintaurus’ Book and T-Shirt KinBookShirt
Kintaurus: Goldfish Scooping Festival Set FestivalSet

UR Bromide UR Item Image
A: Mugen Flower Love Dream Chibi A Doll ATsum
Un: Mugen Flower Love Dream Chibi Un Doll UnTsum
Daru Dayu: Mugen Flower Love Dream Chibi Daru Dayu Doll DayuTsum
Sunday Best Seeing: A Sunday Best-chan Master Mascot MasterMascot
Tsurezure Naru Mugenan Marriage Tsurezure Naru Mugenan Marriage Umbrella TsureUmbrella
Tsurezure Naru Ayatsuri Mugen no Ren: Un Folding Fan
Tsurezure Naru Valentine: A A's Master Chocolate MasterChocoA
Tsurezure Naru Valentine: Un Un's Dayu Chocolate UnDayuChoco
Tsurezure Naru Night Cherry Blossom Feast♪ Daru Dayu Night Cherry Blossom Feast Window SakuraWindow
Tsurezure Naru Hanafubuki Dance A A's Shamisen Bachi ShamisenBachi
Tsurezure Naru Hanafubuki Dance Un Un's Mask UnMask
Tsurezure Naru Hanafubuki Dance Daru Dayu Daru Dayu's Kanzashi DayuKanzashi

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Dream Galaxy Idol: Shu☆Zo Chibi Shu☆Zo Doll ShuzoTsum
Miracle☆Twins: Kai Chibi Kai Doll KaiTsum
Miracle☆Twins: Riku Chibi Riku Doll RikuTsum
Dream Galaxy Prince: Shu☆Zo Dream Galaxy Prince's Crown PrinceCrow
Dream Glittering Star Twin: Kai Dream Glittering Star Tambourine StarTambourine
Dream Glittering Star Twin: Riku Dream Glittering Star Violin Star Violin
Shu☆Zo: Saint Night Kai and Riku Stuffed Toys KaiRikuDolls
Whitey☆Kai Present from Whitey☆Kai KaiPresent
Whitey☆Riku Present from Whitey☆Riku RikuPresent
Beginning of the end Shuu's Accessory TheEndAccessory
Eternal☆Happiness: Shu☆Zo Eternal Happiness Wallpaper
Sailor☆Smile♪ Kai Kai's Sailor Outfit SailorKaiOutfit
Sailor☆Smile♪ Riku Riku's Sailor Outfit SailorRikuOutfit
Very Happy New Year☆New Year Shu☆Zo Shu☆Zo's Folding Fan ShuzoNYFan
Very Happy New Year☆New Year Kai Kai's Folding Screen KaiNYScreen
Very Happy New Year☆New Year Riku Riku's Folding Screen RikuNYScreen
Spring Dream FairyPrince Shu☆Zo Spring Dream FairyPrince FairyPrinceOutfit
Kiraboshi ☆ Day Chief: Kai KIRABOSHI Sash KIRABOSHISash
Kiraboshi ☆ Day Chief: Riku KIRABOSHI Hat KiraboshiHat
Very☆ Fluffly Star Shu☆Zo Very☆ Fluffly Star Backdrop VeryFluffyBackdrop
Very☆ Fluffly Boy Kai Very☆ Fluffly Boy's Glasses FluffyBoyGlasses
Very☆ Fluffly Boy Riku Very☆ Fluffly Boy's Book FluffyBoyBook
Big Athletic Meet FES' Man: Shu☆zo Shu☆Zo's Sneakers ShuzoSneakers
Dream Galaxy Kingdom's Star Prince: Shu☆Zo
Dream Galaxy Kingdom's Twin Brother Prince: Kai
Dream Galaxy Kingdom's Younger Twin Brother Prince: Riku

UR Bromide UR Item Image
MariMari EXTENDED Chibi MariMari Doll MariTsum
DyuraDyura: EXTENDED Chibi DyuraDyura Doll DyuraTsum
MonMon: EXTENDED Chibi MonMon Doll MonmonTsum
Tsugihagi: EXTENDED Chibi Tsugihagi Doll TsugiTsum
GashiGashi: EXTENDED Chibi GashiGashi Doll GashiTsum
Miko MariMari Patchwork Mascot PatchworkMascot
Apple Picking in Yokai Forest♪ MariMari Lala and Yokai Forest Apple YokaiApple
Midwinter Nightwatch Yokai: DyuraDyura Midwinter Nightwatch Wall NightwatchWall
Midwinter Nightwatch Yokai: Tsugihagi Midwinter Nightwatch Konpeito Wallpaper Konpeitowallpaper
Yokai Wedding Live! MariMari Yokai Wedding Live Bouquet YokaiBouquet
Halloween Yokai! MariMari Pumpkin Lamp PumpkinLamp

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Stand Up! Bai Red Chibi Bai Red Doll RedTsum
Stand Up! Bai Blue Chibi Bai Blue Doll BlueTsum
Stand Up! Bai Yellow Chibi Bai Yellow Doll YellowTsum
Stand Up! Bai Green Chibi Bai Green Doll GreenTsum
Stand Up! Bai Pink Chibi Bai Pink Doll PinkTsum
Halloween Big Sale! Bai Blue Blue Apron BlueApron
Halloween Big Sale! Bai Red Red Apron RedApron
Bar-VALENTINE: Bai Yellow Bar-VALENTINE Cocktail ValentineCocktail
Freshers Wanted! Bai Red Recruiting Sticker BaiRecruitment
Recruiting Interviewer: Bai Blue Recruiting Interviewer Whiteboard Whiteboard
Man's Day Off! 40 Year Old Bachelor Bai Green

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Demon Bat: Wrath Chibi Demon Bat Doll BatTsum
Demon Mangu: Wrath Chibi Demon Mangu Doll ManguTsum
Tasmanian Demon: Wrath Chibi Tasmanian Demon Doll TasTsum
Demon Smog: Wrath Chibi Demon Smog Doll SmogTsum
Demon Mummy: Wrath Chibi Demon Mummy Doll MummyTsum
New Year’s Eve! Demon Bat! New Year's Temple Bell NewYearBell
Devil's Dinner and Christmas Eve: Demon Mangu Devil's Dinner Party Chicken DemonBanquet
New: Hotblooded Teacher! Mr. Demon Bat Hotblooded Teacher's Textbook DemonSenseiBook

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Anna Spire: Destroy ☆ Chibi Anna Spire Doll AnnaTsum
Asami Rosy: Destroy ☆ Chibi Asami Rosy Doll AsamiTsum
Kanon Beryl: Destroy ☆ Chibi Kanon Beryl Doll KanonTsum
Marie Spira: Destroy ☆ Chibi Marie Spira Doll MarieTsum
Amu Rin: Destroy ☆ Chibi Amu Rin Doll AmurinTsum
Idol Athletic Meet! Cheerleader Anna Spire ♡ Gym Shorts AliceGymShorts

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Tsukizato's Most Commited Girl, Shibarin! Chibi Shibarin Doll ShibarinTsum
Pretty Legend: Pokoe Chibi Pokoe Doll PokoeTsum
Tsukizato’s No. 1 Gyaru, Kittsun! Chibi Kittsun Doll KittsunTsum
Tsukizato's No. 1 Average Looking Guy: Hakkun Chibi Hakkun Doll HakkunTsum
Tsukizato New Year’s Shrine Visit ♪ Pokoe Pokoe's Sunday Best PokoeHaregi
Tsukizato New Year’s Shrine Visit ♪ Shibarin Shibarin's Sunday Best ShibarinHaregi
Tsukizato Village No1JK Drum Major: Kittsun

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Sweet ♡ Dream: Candy Lapin Chibi Candy Lapin Doll CandyTsum
Sweet ♡ Dream: Chokyuruiyu Chibi Chokyuruiyu Doll ChocoTsum
Sweet ♡ Dream: Cream Teddy Chibi Cream Teddy Doll CreamTsum
Sweet ♡ Dream: Pig Macaron Chibi Pig Macaron Doll MacaronTsum
Summer Chocolate ♡ Chokyuruiyu Summer Chocolate Banana Swimsuit SummerBananaOutfit
AUTUMN Large Love Shooting ♡ Pig Macaron AUTUMN Large Love Camera AutumnCamera
Bedroom Cream Teddy Stuffed Bear StuffedBear
Candy Rain ♪ Candy Lapin Candy Rain Dress CandyRainDress
Dream ♡ Wedding Pig Macaron Dream Wedding Backdrop DreamWeddingBackdrop

UR Bromide UR Item Image
THE NEW LIVE Haraiku Chibi Haraiku Doll HaraTsum
The Sky, Wind, Water, and Haraiku Sky, Wind, and Water Dress SkyWindWaterDress

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Rix Transfer! Chibi Rix Doll RixTsum
Mix Transfer! Chibi Mix Doll MixTsum
DJyksbeat Transfer!! Chibi DJyksbeat Doll DJTsum
Acidmond Transfer!! Chibi Acidmond Doll AcidTsum
HALLOWEEN+LOVE=RIX Halloween Rix Partition HWRixDivider
HALLOWEEN+LOVE=MIX Halloween Mix Partition HWMixDivider
Snow Night ♪ Rix Snow Night Costume SnowNight

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Chammy Flower Tanefurun Chibi Tanefurun Doll TaneTsum
Chammy Brother Sadafurun Chibi Sadafurun Doll SadaTsum
Chammy Brother Anifurun Chibi Anifurun Doll AniTsum
Chammy Singing Cricket Mopei Chibi Mopei Doll

UR Bromide UR Item Image
04! Sparking! Gengen! Chibi Gengen Doll GengenTsum
04! Sparking! Kazzed! Chibi Kazzed Doll KazzedTsum
04! Sparking! Ryuryu! Chibi Ryuryu Doll RyuTsum
04! Sparking! Heikou! Chibi Heikou Doll HeikouTsum
Valentine♡Pyonpyon!! Gengen Valentine Gengen's Bowl GenGenBowl
04 Carnation! Kazzed 04 Carnation 04Carnation
04SUMMER・MEMORY Gengen Watermelon Splitting Set GengenWatermelon

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Holmy! Idol Announcement♡ Chibi Holmy Doll HolmyTsum
Tsukino! Idol Announcement♡ Chibi Tsukino Doll TsukinoTsum
Rosia! Idol Announcement♡ Chibi Rosia Doll RosiaTsum
Jacklyn! Idol Announcement♡ Chibi Jacklyn Doll JacklynTsum
Yes! Summer Live♪ Tsukino♡ Yes! Summer Live Swimsuit TsukinoLiveSwimsuit
JC Mischief♡Witch Rosia Witch Mischief Wand MischiefWand
After School CriCri Valentine♡Holmy After School CriCri Valentine Chocolate H ValentineChocoH
After School CriCri Valentine♡Jacklyn After School CriCri Valentine Chocolate J ValentineChocolateJ
I Love Meat Buns JC♪ Tsukino 2 Meat Buns 2MeatBuns
Cherry Blossom JC♡idol Rosia Cherry Blossom Outfit RosiaSakuraDress
Miracle♡ JC Summer Time♪ Holmy Holmy's JC Summer Time Swimsuit HolmyJCSwimsuit
Miracle♡ JC Summer Time♪ Rosia Rosia's JC Summer Time Swimsuit RosiaJCSwimsuit
Miracle♡ JC Summer Time♪ Tsukino Tsukino's JC Summer Time Swimsuit TsukinoJCSwimsuit
Miracle♡ JC Summer Time♪ Jacklyn Jacklyn's JC Summer Time Swimsuit JacklynJCSwimsuit

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Burning Takeppar Chibi Takeppar Doll TakeppaTsum
Burning and Freezing Fujireido Chibi Fujireido Doll FujiTsum
Burning and Swim Trunks Yoshiten Chibi Yoshiten Doll Yoshitsum
Welcome to New Yard ♪ Fujireido New Yard's Arch Replica NewYardArch

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Fuwafuwa? fake? Yanigupan Chibi Yanigupan Doll YagiTsum
fake? 434343e! Shimiswans Chibi Shimiswans Doll ShimiTsum
I Wanna be Happy! Ochi the Duck Chibi Ochi the Duck Doll OchiTsum

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Gold Melodious! Titan Chibi Titan Doll ChitanTsum
Gold Melodious! Orion Chibi Orion Doll OrionTsum
Gold Melodious! Selen Chibi Selen Doll SelenTsum
Gold Melodious! Argon Chibi Argon Doll ArgonTsum
Big Athletic Meet FES' Man: Titan Titan's Anpan ChitanAnpan

UR Bromide UR Item Image
Darkness Bud Girl Law of Causality: Peipain Chibi Peipain Doll PeiTsum
Darkness Bud Girl Law of Causality: Ailane Chibi Ailane Doll AiTsum
Darkness Bud Girl Law of Causality: Hundreko Chibi Hundreko Doll HandaTsum
Ephemeral Moonlight Dream: Ailane Moonlight Dream Backdrop MoonlightDreamBackdrop

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