Notices (お知らせ) - Official game notices, including maintenance dates, UR announcements, event announcements etc.

Options (オプション) - Several game options including sound effects, visual adjustments, and timing setup.

Profile (プロフィール) - Displays your ingame profile. There you can see your rank, current deck, change your username and status, see how many days you’ve logged in for, total sound dollars, accumulated friend points, and number of friends, among other statistics.

Friend (フレンド) - Here you can see your friends, as well as add and search for friends.

Character Picture Book (キャラクター図鑑) - Her you can choose a band and view band and member profiles, as well as view any forms you have unlocked.

SB69 ID Data Takeover (SB69IDデータ引継ぎ) - Where you can set up a SB69 ID, log into your account using your ID, or reset your ID password.

Code Input (コード入力) - Takes you to the official SB69 website where you can input codes received from merch, episode airings, events etc. These code reward you prizes such as Bromides.

Model Change (機種変更) - Switch game data to another device.

Lottery (抽選所) - Takes you to the official SB69 website where you can enter ongoing lotteries. If a lottery is not underway the website will display text saying so.

Official Facebook (正式Facebook) - Takes you to the SB69 game official Facebook.

Official Twitter (正式Twitter) - Takes you to the SB69 game official twitter.

Terms of Services (利用規約) - Displays the rules you must agree to in order to play the SB69.

Help (ヘルプ) - Game help divided by topic, such as leveling, bosses, gacha, etc.

Game Data Update (ゲームデータ更新) - Forces game to update.

Forced Termination (強制終了) - Quits the game. It will ask you to confirm your selection, no (いいえ) or yes (はい).

Copyright (コピーライト) - Displays game copyright.

Contact Us (お問い合わせ) - Contact game management. Do note however, that SB69 being a Japanese game means that they will only respond to Japanese written messages.

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