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Labomunch (ラボムンク) is a band composed of three members Mitomiton, Haraiku and Itodain.

They are based off the real band clammbon (クラムボン).

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A major band with good taste, that everyone in MIDI City has heard at least once. They have moved on from various genres and announced to continue working on original music. There are many fans in music business circles too.

Nowadays they use a station wagon to move to various places to have live shows (such as sea bottom cave, cattle farms under a starry night, open air in front of cultural heritages).


  1. New Plan, Start! (新企画、始動!)
  2. Underwater Grotto LIVE (海底洞窟LIVE)
  3. Sky Ruins LIVE (天空遺跡LIVE)
  4. Before The 901 LIVE (901前LIVE)
  5. Local LIVE (地元でLIVE)
  6. And So, to the Starting Point (そして原点へ)
  7. Cattle Barn's Starry Sky LIVE (星空の牛舎LIVE)


  • The phonetic spelling of Labomunch (ラボムンク) is an anagram for that of clammbon (クラムボン).
Songs List
NOW!!!(2010ver.) JAPANESE MANNER THE NEW SONG yet バタフライ
アジテーター 結のうた レーゾンデートル
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