Cyan Eternal♡Daisuki

Cyans Desire LR
Initial Stats
Red:654 Blue:369 Green:678
Yellow:3012 Purple:323
Final Stats
Red:5674 Blue:3245 Green:5554
Yellow:28645 Purple:2989
Active Skill
P Score & Tension Boost ☆6
Score+1200 points after 40 note combo & 40% tension recovery after 100 PERFECT notes.
Passive Skill
3x Fever Score (No Harsh Judgement) & Double BBB Effect


Shu☆Zo·Dream Galaxy ☆ LegenDoit!
Shuzo's Desire LR
I’ve been waiting for you☆… Always, always… Only for you☆☆
Initial Stats
Red:576 Blue:656 Green:3131
Yellow:612 Purple:595
Final Stats
Red:4255 Blue:4674 Green:29976
Yellow:4747 Purple:4532
Active Skill
P Score & Soul Burst ☆6
Score +2100 per 60 note combo & 3.2x boss damage per 80 PERFECT notes
Passive Skill
Dream Galaxy ☆ LegenDoit!
Faster Fever Gauge and all bromides in your deck have their actives reduced by 10 combos.


Crow・Crimson Fallen Psalms EDEN 96th Movement
Look at me! Your smoldering soul… I’ll ship it to Eden!
Initial Stats
Red:655 Blue:623 Green:654
Yellow:598 Purple:2996
Final Stats
Red:4649 Blue:4447 Green:4563
Yellow:4121 Purple:30096
Active Skill
C Score & Soul Burst ☆ 6
35% chance of score +2800 points after 40 note combo & 35% chance of 3600 extra boss damage after 40 PERFECT notes.
Passive Skill
Crimson Fallen Psalms EDEN 96th Movement
1.4 Marker Score Multiplier & Double BBB Effect.

Tsurezure Naru Ayatsuri Mugenan

A · Very Illusionary Eastern Style Secret! Blazing Imperial Soul!
A - Very Illusionary -etc- LR
Initial Stats
Red:3024 Blue:644 Green:351
Yellow:364 Purple:672
Final Stats
Red:28701 Blue:5442 Green:3044
Yellow:3125 Purple:5723
Active Skill
C Soul & Tension Heal ☆6
35% chance of 8000 extra boss damage after 40 PERFECT notes & 30% tension recovery after 80 PERFECT notes.
Passive Skill
Very Illusionary Eastern Style Secret · Blazing Imperial Soul
3x Fever Score (No Harsh Judgement) & Less Frequent Boss Attacks.


Rix Mix SolidTakeOff
Rix Mix SolidTakeOff LR
Let’s give it our all! Take Off! We’re the strongest.
Initial Stats
Red:662 Blue:3017 Green:385
Yellow:392 Purple:614
Final Stats
Red:5922 Blue:28675 Green:3144
Yellow:2995 Purple:5303
Active Skill
C Score & Tension Heal ☆6
35% chance of score+2800 points after 40 note combo & 20% chance of 40% recovery after 40 note combo
Passive Skill
Faster Fever Gauge & Double BBB Effect
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