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Gaugastrikes (ガウガストライクス) is a band composed of the four members Deyan (B), Kintaurus (Vo+Gt), Uchuura (Gt), and Daishizen (D).

They are based on the band KFK (originally known as Kafuka, カフカ).

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Originally a three-piece indie band working in Shibu Valley, they welcomed Uchuura and were reborn as a four-piece band. With emotion-filled melodies and sharp lyrics, they produce an unique view of the world.[1] As the growing profoundness of their music so grows live spectators, they are fierce, and their shows appeal to a different kind of sound.


  1. Our Chosen Path (俺たちの軌跡}
  2. Our Needless Anxiety (俺たちの杞憂)
  3. Our Conflict (俺たちの葛藤)
  4. Our Expectations (俺たちの期待)
  5. Our New Forms (俺たちの新形態)
  6. Our Worries (俺たちの懸念)
  7. Our Influence (俺たちの影響)
Songs List
シリウスと老人 Alice Breaks Stories オーロラ 蒼い鳥 Inside of Snowdome
Night Circus ニンゲンフシン Ice Candy LOVESICK
マネキン 私はもう気にしない


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