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Show by Rock!! (ショウ・バイ・ロック!! Shō Bai Rokku!!) is a rhythm game for iOS and Android.

The game consists mainly of a tour mode as well as daily events and special events that last for a certain amount of time. It features 26 different bands (13 original and 13 tie-up bands based on real artists) with individual music styles and over 200 songs.


Tour mode is the main mode of play in Show by Rock!! It contains every song introduced to the game, barring a few special event songs and songs that have had new release events, but have not yet been added. Players can choose from a list of all 26 bands, and then choose from a list of that band's songs at difficulties 1★-6★. As of the July 2016 Renewal update (ver. 4.0), all songs are unlocked from the beginning of the game.



Daily events are divided into several categories:

  1. Angel Maple Roulette: Always available; the rewards for clearing these are angel maple bromides, either used for leveling character bromides (Monday-Friday) or selling for sound dollars (Saturday & Sunday). Sometimes, between weeklong events, the stamina cost for maple roulette is cut by half.
  2. Free Play: Always available; free play costs no stamina, offers no reward for clearing, and inflicts no penalty for failure. Reaching the challenge line (i.e. achieving a full combo) nets the player a small amount of sound dollars.
  3. EXP UP roulette: Sometimes available between weeklong events, but not while Angel Maple Roulette is half-cost. As the name may imply, it offers boosted experience for clearing the stages.

In daily events, the player chooses from four difficulty ranges: Easy (1★-3★), Normal (3★-5★), Hard (5★-7★), and Expert (7★-8★). The song and difficulty are chosen by roulette, and the element of the roulette is determined by the day of the week:

  • Monday: Dark Element
  • Tuesday: Fire Element
  • Wednesday: Water Element
  • Thursday: Wood Element
  • Friday: Light Element
  • Saturday: Fire, Water, and Wood Elements
  • Sunday: Light and Dark Elements

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