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On top of each Gacha is your Love Meter, this meter fills up gradually as you roll the Gacha. It fills up faster if you receive bromides you have previously acquired. Only the 超 Gacha affects the love meter, therefore any pull in the Friendship, Kami, and Ticket Gachas do not affect the Love Meter in any way. Once it maxes out you will receive a previously unattained UR bromide from the lot shown in the box. Note that the Love Meter expires 30 days after being filled.

Love Points Acquirable
Newly Obtained Previously Obtained
R 200 280
SR 300 450
SSR 700 1190
UR 500 800

Gachas are divided into 4 different categories.

Ultra Gacha (超 ガチャ)- In the Ultra Gacha you can receive R-UR bromides. If you pull the 10-consecutive gacha you are guaranteed a SSR and the chance to get a UR is upped to approximately 34%. Click on "出現一覧" to see what bromides you may receive in that Gacha.

Friend Gacha (友ガチャ)- In this Gacha you roll using Friendship points. One roll costs 100 points, and a 10-consecutive roll costs 1,000 points. You may only receive N-SR bromides and all rarity leveling, and soundollar Maple bromides.

Kami Gacha (神ガチャ) - The Kami Gacha is a special gacha that can only be rolled once you have acquired 300 Kami points. To get Kami Points you must point bromides in the Bromides page. The bromides lineup is fixed with more being added from time to time.

Kami Gacha Only Bromides
Cyan white ♪ Plasmagical Chuchu white Plasmagical Retoree white ♪ Plasmagical Moa white ♪ Plasmagical
Purupuru ♪ Cyan anime Purupuru ♪ Chuchu anime Purupuru ♪ Retoree anime Purupuru ♪ Moa anime
Wimp Retoree
Stagnant Tour T Crow Stagnant Tour T Aion Stagnant Tour T Yaiba Stagnant Tour T Rom
Anime crow Anime Aion Anime Yaiba Anime Rom
Tsurezure A anime Tsurezure Un anime Tsurezure Daru Tayu anime
The Dream Galaxy Shu zo The Dream Galaxy Kai The Dream Galaxy Riku
SmileGiftRiku BigSmileShuuzo SmileGiftKai
Anime Kurikuri ♡ Holmy Anime Kurikuri ♡ Rosia Anime Kurikuri ♡ Tsukino Anime Kurikuri ♡ Jacklyn
BakudanCyan BakudanCrow BakudanShuzo BakudanDayu BakudanRosia

Ticket Gacha (Ticketガチャ) - Under the Ticket Gacha there are two options to roll: SSR and UR, you need at least one ticket to roll the gacha. Tickets can be acquired through special events, an SSR ticket can be bought from the SB69 monthly bag in the Shop menu. There's a small chance you may receive a UR when using an SSR ticket.

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