Fukashi Gimmick (フカシギミック) is a band composed of three members Maro (Vo+Gt) Ge Furocchi (Ba) Shacky (Dr)

Fukashi Gimmick is based on Band Gokko (バンドごっこ), an indie band formed in Osaka 2009.



In one of Oku Mountain’s unnamed fight dojos Maro and Ge Furocchi have been practicing music intensively every day. One day Shacky entered this unknown land and got lost on the roadside when he met the other two. After being challenged and suffering a crushing defeat from Maro, Shacky asked him to become his apprentice. However, he declined.

An organized three man band from the hill. Their catchy melody is characterized by an ensemble of perfection that’s almost like crab sticks.


  1. Formation?! The New Band from the Depths of the Mountain! (結成!?山奥の新バンド!)
  2. Mysterious? Gimmick? (不可思議?ギミック?)
  3. First Battle of the Bands! Bang Bang! (初対バン!バンバン!)
  4. Ge Furocchi, Supreme Secret Plan (ゲ・フロッチ、至高の秘策)
  5. Who Says Puns? (ダジャレを言うのは誰じゃ)
  6. First Festival Debut Boko! (フェス初参戦ボコ!)
  7. Fukashi Gimmick's Close Call! (フカシギミック危機一髪!)
Songs List
未練リフレイン 僕と世界 3億分の1 おにさんこちら 線と点と白紙
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