This is the events page. Here you can play songs related to events, including new songs, as well as free songs and weekday events for angel and soundollar bromides.

Main Events

Here you can play through special events that are only up for a limited time.

High Score Challenge

Free Play

These are free songs that can be played ranging from easy to expert. These songs net no rewards, although if you full combo a song you will get 39 soundollars. The songs are selected in a roulette style.

Roulette Difficulty
Easy ★1-★3
Normal ★4-★5
Hard ★6-★7
Expert ★7-★8
Day (JST) Songs Available
Monday Dark
Tuesday Fire
Wednesday Water
Thursday Wood
Friday Light
Saturday Fire, Water, and Wood
Sunday Light and Dark

Weekday Events

In these events you can obtain material for leveling cards.

Times: 6AM~9AM, 12PM~14PM, 20PM~23:59PM JST.

Day (JST) Material Obtainable Rewards
Monday Dark Purple Petite Angel (R)
Purple Angel Arisugawa (SR)
Purple Arisugawa Archangel (SSR)
Tuesday Fire Red Petite Angel (R)
Red Angel Arisugawa (SR)
Red Arisugawa Archangel (SSR)
Wednesday Water Blue Petite Angel (R)
Blue Angel Arisugawa (SR)
Blue Arisugawa Archangel (SSR)
Thursday Wood Green Petite Angel (R)
Green Angel Arisugawa (SR)
Green Arisugawa Archangel (SSR)
Friday Light Yellow Petite Angel (R)
Yellow Angel Arisugawa (SR)
Yellow Arisugawa Archangel (SSR)

Weekend Events

On Saturdays and Sundays you can obtain selling cards via the Weekend Events. On Saturdays you can only play through Fire, Water, and Wood songs, and on Sundays you can only play Dark and Light songs.

Times: 6AM~9AM, 12PM~14PM, 20PM~23:59PM JST.

Bromide Obtainable
Bromide Sale Price
Small Rich Man Maple Arisugawa (R) 5,000
Upstart President Maple Arisugawa (SR) 50,000
Golden King Maple Arisugawa (SSR) 300,000

List Of Past Events

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