No. Title Air Date
01 "Have a nice MUSIC!!"
(Have a nice MUSIC!!)
April 5, 2015
Cyan Hijirikawa is a shy high school girl who loves music and wants to become part of band but is too shy to ask to join one. One night, she is suddenly sucked inside a rhythm game on her phone into a musical world known as Tokyo Midi City, being intercepted a talking pink guitar midflight. When she regains her senses, Cyan finds herself in a cat-like form, witnessing a performance by the band Trichronika. Just then, a mysterious monster appears, attempting to drain the power from the Melodisian Stones in Trichronika's hearts in order to turn them dark. Spurred on by her guitar, named Strawberry Heart, Cyan manages to defeat the monster with a guitar jam. Shortly afterwards, as Cyan now finds herself in a catgirl form, she is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the CEO of the Branded Rocking Records record label, to become a member of his band Plasmagica, and is introduced to fellow members Chuchu, Retoree, and Moa.
02 "With our Crimson Gaze... (etc.)"
(俺たちは深紅色の心眼で(以下略)"Oretachi wa shinkōshoku no shingan de (ikaryaku)")
April 12, 2015
Cyan, after accepting the contract with BRR, she meets the other band, Shingan Crimsonz. Maple is contacted by a representative of Trichronika and is asked to have Shingan Crimonz doing the opening act because the band that they originally had came down with food poisoning. The band was initially against the idea but were quickly convinced by Angelica's scary face. The concert went without a hitch. Cyan is invited to stay at the BRR dormitories when they found out that Cyan had no where to stay at. Cyan takes a bath and sings which made her guitar blush. Her other band mates heard her singing and love it. When Cyan is alone again, she learns from Strawberry Heart that she cannot return home until she saves the world that she is in. Cyan agrees on the condition that she will be able to return before Golden Week starts.
03 "Yes! Idol ♡ Declaration"
(Yes!アイドル♡宣言 "Yes! Aidoru ♡ Sengen")
April 19, 2015
Plasmagica is offered a chance to participate in a Battle of the Bands against Unicorn Virtual Music Inc.'s Cristicrista, with Chuchu becoming curious as to why Cyan isn't familiar with them. As everyone focuses on how best to win the battle, Retoree recalls how she joined the band in the hopes of making some friends. Plasmagica become nervous after hearing Criticrista's rehearsal, convinced they can't win. However, Cyan uses her music to ease everyone's nerves, proposing a new arrangement for their song. Despite still losing to Criticrista, the girls are satisfied with their first concert and end up feeling closer than before.
04 "Enchanting Dream Fireworks of a Night Journey"
(旅路宵酔ゐ夢花火 "Tabiji Yoiyoi Yume Hanabi")
April 26, 2015
Retoree invites the girls to a performance by the popular enka band Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan, with the crowd becoming impressed by their unique culture and originality. Following the performance, after meeting the band members themselves, the girls feel they need to change their style in order to become more popular. However, Shingan Crimsonz's Rom reminds Plasmagica that the music is what's most important, so they instead decide to write a new song, their first since Cyan joined. Meanwhile, Moa, who is secretly an alien sent to investigate other worlds, grows concerned about her secret.
05 "Maze of DESTINY"
May 3, 2015
After Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan come into contact with another Dark Monster, barely making it out unscathed, Plasmagica get a gig at an upcoming Indies Band concert. Later that night, Chuchu eavesdrop on Cyan as Strawberry Heart reminds her of her mission to fight against the Dark Monsters. On the day of the concert, as another Dark Monster appears elsewhere, Strawberry Heart forces Cyan to leave her concert in

order to search for it, despite Chuchu's attempt to stop her. Upon returning back after missing the monster, Cyan reveals to the other members that she came from another world, leading Retoree to become upset by the thought that she'll have to go home someday.

06 "Ba-dump!? It's a Beach Training Camp ♡ Full of Swimsuits ♪"
(DOKIィッ!?水着だらけの海合宿♡ですぞ♪ "DOKI!? Mizugi Darake no Umi Gasshuku ♡ Desuzo♪")
May 10, 2015
Strawberry Heart and Maple fill in the other members about how the creator of the dark monsters, Unicorn Virtual Music Inc.'s CEO Dagger Morse, had originally pulled Cyan into the Sound World for his own plans, but she was intercepted by Strawberry Heart. Wanting his bands to grow stronger for the upcoming Grateful Rock Festival, Maple arranges a training camp, sending Plasmagica to the beach and Shingan Crimsonz to the mountains. During the trip, Cyan tries to convey her feelings to Retoree, but she still can't bring herself to forgive her. Later however, Cyan manages to sing a song that properly gets her feelings across to both Chuchu and Retoree. Afterwards, Moa reveals her identity as an alien, with her bandmates no longer caring about such trivial matters and instead focusing on treasuring their time together, deciding to use Cyan's song for their next performance.
07 "Yokai Street"
(妖怪ストリート "Yōkai Sutorīto")
May 17, 2015
While Dagger's henchman spreads rumors about amazing performances being held in Yokai Street, with the intention of luring out bands, Marimari, a youkai from the band Shinimonogurui, asks Plasmagica for their help in finding her bandmate, Tsugihagi, who went missing amidst monster attacks there. As Shingan Crimsonz go to Yokai Street to perform themselves, they are attacked by a Dark Monster, who drags them into another world and prevents Cyan from following in after them. Despite the odds being against them, Shingan Crimsonz manage to hold their own and defeat the monster, who turns back into Tsugihagi and is reunited with Marimari. Everyone soon makes their way home, unaware that a mysterious dark blob has attached itself to Shingan Crimsonz' Aion.
08 "Crimson Quartet"
(Crimson quartet -深紅き四重奏- "Crimson Quartet -Shinkuki Shijūsō-")
May 24, 2015
Plasmagica learn that they can't enter the Grateful Rock Festival as they haven't had a proper live concert yet, so Maple suggests they participate in another battle of the bands against Criticrista. Meanwhile, Aion suddenly decides to quit Shingan Crimsonz to the shock of the other bandmates, leading Cyan to suspect he may be under the influence of a Dark Monster. As Plasmagica and the other Shingan Crimsonz members search for Aion, Trichronika's Shu-Zo informs Rom and Yaiba about Aion's whereabouts, hinting towards some history between him and Rom. Finding Aion at the top of a skyscraper, Crow joins the others in order to apologise to him, restoring the order in his Melodisian Stone. With the crisis averted, Plasmagica turn their attention towards their battle against Criticrista.
09 "Falling Star Dreamline"
(流星ドリームライン "Ryūsei Dorīmurain")
May 31, 2015
As Criticrista prepare for the battle of the bands, Dagger converses with his songwriter. Meanwhile, Chuchu suggests that the girls learn how to improve their performance to enhance their appeal to the fans. When Rom passes this off as superficial, Retoree shows Chuchu a photo of their training camp, showing her the most important thing is to have fun. On the day of the battle, Cyan grows concerned by the attention she gets from Criticrista's lead, Rosia, which also stirs up some dark feelings in Chuchu, but Plasmagica manage to bring out their smiles in their performance and win the battle. However, Dagger punishes Criticrista for their loss by darkening their Melodisian Stones.
10 "Reverse Rhapsody"
(ウラハラなRhapsody "Urahara na Rhapsody")
June 7, 2015
Chuchu starts to become overcome with feelings of jealousy towards Cyan's growing popularity, which catches the attention of Dagger. Meanwhile, Berry warns the girls about Dagger's intentions for the Grateful Rock Festival, in which he hopes to obtain Cyan, Shu-zo, and Tsurezurenaru's Darudayu for his own band, suggesting that Plasmagica can defeat Dagger with their music. Later, Chuchu is called out by Dagger, who preys on her selfish desires and sways her over to his side in the hopes of making Cyan despair. Just as Chuchu announces her plans to quit Plasmagica, Strawberry Heart, who is revealed to be possessed by songwriter Grateful King, urges the bandmates to stop her, prompting Cyan and the others to use the song she wrote to help her regain her senses. Chuchu then apologises for her selfish motives, deciding she has no intention of quitting Plasmagica.
11 "Grateful Rock Festival"
(グレイトフル・ロック・フェス "Gureitofuru Rokku Fesu")
June 14, 2015
As everyone assembles at Boodookan for the Grateful Rock Festival, Cyan grows concerned that she hasn't heard from Strawberry Heart since rescuing Chuchu, while Dagger prepares to use a song written by Grateful King to take over Midi City. Midway through the festival, Plasmagica, Shingancrimsonz, Tsurezurenaru, and Trichronika are attacked by a Dark Monster, capturing everyone except for Cyan, Shu-zo, and Darudayu. As Darudayu fights against the monster, Cyan discovers that the Dark Monster is actually Criticrista's Rosia.
12 "Our Youth is Non-Stop!"
(青春はNon-Stop! "Seishun wa Non-Sutoppu!")
June 21, 2015
Thanks to the efforts of Darudayu and Shu-zo, Cyan manages to use her music to purify the Dark Monster, freeing Rosia and the other Criticrista members. Just then, Dagger makes his appearance, using his power to take everyone captive in order to sway Cyan into joining him. Before Dagger can contaminate Cyan's Melodisian Stone, he is stopped by Grateful King, who managed to escape thanks to the efforts of Maple and his assistant Angelica. As Dagger prepares to use his full power against Cyan, Grateful King blocks Dagger's attack and sends Cyan back towards her own world. Not wanting her friends to fight Dagger alone, Cyan unleashes her own potential and uses her power to defeat Dagger, returning him to his original form. With the battle over, Plasmagica give one final performance before Cyan returns to her own world, where she works up the courage to join her school's music club.
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