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Dolly Dolci (ドーリィドルチ Dolly Sweets) is a band composed of four members Chokiyurui(Gt), Candy Lapin(Vo), Cream Teddy(B) and Pig Macaron(D).

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Sweet as whipped cream, sour as a lemon, a good girl band singing songs of love. Using money earned from band activities, their dream is to open a cafe where you can enjoy music and sweets. Although they are small, they have a long established contract with a major record company. On free days they gather at any band member's house while making music and sweets.


  1. Going Towards Sweet Dreams (甘~い夢に向かって)
  2. Get Along Everyone (みんな仲良く)
  3. With Confidence! (自信を持って!)
  4. An Odd Sense of Unity (不思議な一体感)
  5. Impossible Is Forbidden (無理は禁物)
  6. Girls + Girls (ガールズ+ガールズ)
  7. Dream Big! Sweet (夢は大きく!甘〜く)
Songs List
恋とメリーゴーランド Heart Smile:) 帰り道のアンサンブル すペしゃる☆れしぴ
Cotton Candy Diary 告白ING
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