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Criticrista (クリティクリスタ lit. Chestnut Tea Crystal) is band composed of four members Holmy(Vo+B), Tsukino(Vo+Key), Rosia(Vo+Gt) and Jacklyn(Vo+D).

They were revealed in a PV for the anime. All of the members of the band are also members of the MIDI Middle School For Girls student council.



A four-piece female rock band. Because of majoring in the special entertainment subject at MIDI girls school’s middle school section, this school girl idol band of four was selected and formed by the students.

After debuting at the school festival, their charming performance captured MIDI City’s boys hearts in the blink of an eye and so they also gathered attention in the music industry.

The four are also in charge and head of the student council and always gather in the student council room to carry out mysterious meetings. A main vocal hasn’t been decided yet but there are rumors of major label offers already.

In the anime they preform for the music label Unicorn Virtual Music Inc. which is run by Dagger Morse who intends to use them for his evil plans. During a concert they preform against Plasmagica where they lose

and are turned into a Dark Monster to attack Midi City with. Fortunately for them, they are defeated and saved by Plasmagica, ShinganCrimsonZ, Trichronika and Tsurezure Naru Ayatsuri Mugenan.

In Second season of the anime, they are now signed with Banded Rocking Records, the same label that Plasmagica and ShinganCrimsonZ are in.

Songs List
ループしてる 1.2.さんしゃいん♡ あすいろ恋模様 Yes!アイドル♡宣言 My Precious Sign
Attention, Please!! ビビビーチ・ビビビビーチ! はうあーゆー? 放て!どどどーん! Happy Happy Jump!!
Songs Not In Game
Rhythm Friends はなまるさーくれっと コ・ア・ク・マ□サマーモード Colorful Snow Drop
Fes a Live Songs
Mot Mot Mot