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Chammy Chaplets (チャーミーチャプレッツ) is a band composed of the five members Mopei(B), Anifurun(Gt), Tanefurun(Vo+Gt), Sadafurun(Gt) and Tentan(D).

They are based off the real band kiki*.

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Chammy Chaplets

Good fresh feelings, a 5 piece indie band with songs that sound like the wind. They have come to play from the northwestern windy green town "Green Earth Windom." To cherish greenery, wind and soil, they are eco-conscious during music activities. They love honey, beans, and flowers.


  1. Ride in the Gentle Breeze (そよ風にのせて)
  2. Struck by a Headwind (向かい風に打たれて)
  3. Feeling the Hot Air (熱風を受けて)
  4. The End of the Storm (風波の果てに)
  5. Whirlwind's Dancing Day (つむじ風の舞う日)
  6. Tomorrow Will Take Care of Itself (明日は明日の風が吹く)
  7. Overcome the Storm (嵐を乗り越えて)
Songs List
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