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Bud Virgin Logic (バッドヴァージンロジック) is a band composed of three members Peipain(B), Ailane(Vo+Gt) and Hundreko(D).



A three-piece female rock band. Mysteriously appearing in MIDICITY with melodies as sharp as a knife, delicate vocals as transparent as glass, and a synchronized heavy guitar is new girl trio BUD VIRGIN LOGIC. 


  1. Beautiful Girls Equation of Darkness: Introduction (闇の美少女方程式・序)
  2. Beautiful Girls of Darkness Incompleteness Theorem (闇の美少女不完全性定理)
  3. Beautiful Girls of Darkness and Beautiful Girls of Light (闇の美少女と光の美少女)
  4. Beautiful Girls of Darkness and the Beautiful Fembot (闇の美少女と機械美少女)
  5. Darkness Servant's Simultaneous Equations (闇の従者の連立方程式)
  6. Dark and Light Girls Law of Causality (闇と光の少女因果律量法則)
  7. Beautiful Girls of Darkness Psychological Theory: Tears (闇の美少女理論心理・涙) Fact : Are rivals With Rosia Tsukino Holmy , Jacklyn.
Songs List
ソラウソ オヤスミパラノイア Forbidden Monologue ×旋律-Schlehit Melodie-
断罪のソリテュード Albidus ハカナイトメア Serve a Master Please Please Christmas
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