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NoeNero NoeNero 29 March 2016

Non Game Songs

Some songs dont appear in the game and are only cd exclusive songs,

if you need help with finding some of those songs, hit me up.

Ive had quite some decent luck finding them however hard they may be to find.

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Chrismh Chrismh 24 March 2016

Favorite Characters

Well... part of what I do besides editing is coming up with fun blog ideas or just encouraging users to chat/hang out/get casual/etc.

Anyway, since I'm new here, I thought I'd start with asking the basic. Do you guys have a favorite character? If not, do you have a favorite band?

I like just about all of the characters, but my top favorite is Rosier/Rosia. I also really like Un and Cyan. The girls from Alice Beans look really cute too x3 But I'm still learning about the "not mainly shown-off in the anime" characters, since I'm only finally just getting a chance to play the ap.

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Utsutsu Utsutsu 13 September 2015

Adding Content

So, I've been doing my best to add content to make this a better wiki, but being a college student, I obviously have other work to do and can't get this all done in one night. So, I'm going to put a list here for things that I'm capable of doing, maybe as a reminder to myself. Of course, if you want to do this stuff yourself, please go ahead. That'd actually be great. I'm not trying to single handedly take over this wiki 9:.

  • Add pages for characters that don't have pages
    • Bands this includes
      • Ninjinriot
      • Dropout Sensei
      • Gaugastrikes
      • Baiganba V
      • Demons Venom
      • Dolly Dolci
      • Rappeziauto
      • Chammy Chaplets
      • 04TobizBits
      • Tekebakitsusou
  • Add gallerys for characters/bands that are missing them
    • Similar to list above
  • Create pages for songs and include the Japanese lyrics
  • Add li…

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Trichronika Trichronika 4 June 2015

Episode page question

Uhm, i added pages for all episodes with summary but i wonder if adding screenshots to the pages would be good? 

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Show by Rock!! -- About The Anime


Er, you guys don't know me because I'm new. Very new.(i'm also very weird so eh)

I noticed how there wasn't much info about the anime, which was surprising, because I use sites(warning!: they may have viruses, I use a phone) to watch the anime. So if I'm able to, I can try(it will be hard so--) to provide info on all current 9 episodes.

  • Provide screenshots(gallery pages for episodes??)
  • Extra info on characters only in the anime(Dagger being an example)
  • Spoilers! More and more info!

  • i can try to create pages that are needed and I do have extra time because I'm on summer vacationnnn~

Anyways, that's basically all for the night.(add more tomorrow??).

Mini, signing out.

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