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Baiganba V (バイガンバー V) is a band composed of five members Bai Yellow(B), Bai Blue(Gt), Bai Red(Vo+Gt), Bai Pink(Key) and Bai Green(D).

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A super hero band with a hot heart and a marketing soul. Normally they are employees for the major musical instrument chain of stores, "Revolution Music Store." Every week on its rooftop they hold a "Superhero Live Show," which is popular with both adult and little kids and always sells out. Revolution Change!! Go! Baiganba V!!


  1. Hot Blooded Baiganba V (熱き血潮のバイガンバーⅤ)
  2. As Long as There Are Smiling Faces (そこに笑顔がある限り…)
  3. Shine Tomorrow Too, Baiganba V (明日も輝けバイガンバーⅤ)
  4. Dread!? Red's Everyday Agony (恐怖!?レッド受難の日々)
  5. Baiganba V, A Close Call (バイガンバーⅤ危機一髪)
  6. Push On! Baiganba V (突き進め!バイガンバーⅤ)
  7. Forever, Baiganba V (永遠なれ、バイガンバーⅤ)
Songs List
バイガンバーⅤ Sunset Get a Chance Stand Up!バイガンバー! ヒーローライン
俺たちのヒーロータイム HEROSTARを探しにいこう
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