Strawberry Heart and Maple Arisagawa fill in the other members about how the creator of the dark monsters, Unicorn Virtual Music Inc.'s CEO Dagger Morse, had originally pulled Cyan into the Sound World for his own plans, but she was intercepted by Strawberry Heart. Wanting his bands to grow stronger for the upcoming Grateful Rock Festival, Maple arranges a training camp, sending Plasmagica to the beach and ShinganCrimsonZ to the mountains. During the trip, Cyan tries to convey her feelings to Retoree, but she still can't bring herself to forgive her. Later however, Cyan manages to sing a song that properly gets her feelings across to both ChuChu and Retoree. Afterwards, Moa reveals her identity as an alien, with her bandmates no longer caring about such trivial matters and instead focusing on treasuring their time together, deciding to use Cyan's song for their next performance.

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