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04Tobizbits (ぜろよんとびずびっつ) is band composed of four members Ryuryu(Gt), Heikou(D), Gengen(Vo+B) and Kazzed(Gt).

They are based off the real band 04 Limited Sazabys.

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A band of four boys With rising popularity among the live kids of MIDICITY. With an unforgettable high-toned voice, and ultra catchy melody, overwhelming stage performances throughout their lives, and an MC doing whatever he wants, every day their lives are sold out! Their momentum continues to accelerate. Their navels are their charm points.


  1. Let's Have A Surprise Live (ぶっとびライブで行こう)
  2. Everyday Heavy Rain Live (どしゃ降りライブな日々)
  3. Street Live and Training (ストリートライブと修行)
  4. The Birth of a New Song (ニューソングの誕生)
  5. Kicking About a Bad Dream (バッドドリームを蹴散らせ)
  6. Exciting Live and Ninjas (エキサイトライブと忍者)
  7. Destitute Life Memory (極貧生活なメモリーイズ)
Songs List
monolith swim Now here, No where Letter Terminal
Warp Horizon
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