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• 2/13/2019

Favorite Band?

What's your favorite Show By Rock!! band? It can be from the video game or anime, or weather you like the member's personalities or music!

My favorite is probably Tsurezure Naru Ayatsuri Mugenan, my favorite member being A.

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• 9/17/2018

Show by rock

why is it that the chibis are better animated than everything else?
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• 8/11/2018

Game- Adrenaline Rush

I just beat Regret breaker on 6 Star without a single bad or miss, bow down to your god...... >~< seriously though cudos to anyone who can MASTER it..... Thats insane
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• 7/7/2018

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• 11/15/2017

Thanks and More?

Hi there!
I wanted to thank everyone who has kept this wiki going.I know this is asking quite some
but if possible can someone keep up to date on the newly released URs/LRs.
I no longer play but i loved seeing those cards and would be nice to see the new ones from time to time. 
Also id like to help those who think info is missing or incorrect.
If for some reason you cant do it yourself or dont know exactly how to.
You may contact me by going to my page. There you can tweet at me, msg me on here or what eves really. 
PS: Im not an admin or anything like that. I just really like anything related to sb69/show by rock.   Thank you for your time ;)
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• 9/9/2017

Trolls tracking me across wikis

Hello, sorry to be a bother but I thought I'd inform you that there's a troll who's tracking me across wikis (for no reason in particular), I don't know if any of you are active but he is leaving inflammatory remarks on my message wall, thank you.
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• 8/27/2017

Anyone Know A Good Site or Blog That Post Recent URs?

Im looking for a site or blog that posts recent URs to keep up to date with any card i might of missed.
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• 8/17/2017

please help! i can't play any songs ;;

ahhh hi! i haven't played show by rock in a pretty long time because after the renewal update the ui was too complicated for me and i havent felt like figuring it out. ;; anyway, im trying to get my account set back up, and if i try to play songs this pops up and won't go away no matter what option i choose
this may be an issue with bluestacks rather than show by rock itself, but i'm hoping someone can help me out anyway ;o; according to google translate the song is paused, but it seems to be pausing songs before i even start playing them and won't unpause :')
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• 3/20/2016

Live! Chat...Show by Rock edition!

H-hello fellow members! It's me, Cyan. member of Plasmagica and owner of, I mean Str-strawberry Heart!
An admin and I are going to be starting live chats soon.I recently talked to her about how we should start having them more often, and she thought it was a good idea, meow! So please consider this lively offer and come to the chat to...well, um, chat,!
See you there, meow!
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• 3/19/2016

Live chat discussion

Recently a nice member approached me to ask whether we could make the live! chat more active and so i would like to ask whether anyone would be interested in perhaps having special day's to have fun discussions about thing's we enjoy about the series! 
If anyone has any idea's for this i would be very grateful to hear them and for us to work out what day/time would be best to hold these kind of sessions~
I would also like to bring to attention i'm looking to recruit some new admin's, if you're interested please message me!
Thank you for your time!
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• 11/14/2015

game translations

Hi! I'm a japanese &gt; english translator- I've worked on translations for other japanese-exclusive mobile games in the past! I was wondering if any of the admins were planning to make a page for in-game stories / episodes.. I would love to contribute if possible! Thank you!
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• 10/19/2015

adding URs

hello!! i was checking the UR pages to see everyone's cutie patootie human forms but noticed that Daishizen of Gaugastrikes hasn't been added! im not sure how to correctly format/edit this page but i thought i would notify you who can can edit ^^;;; thank you very much and very sorry if this has already been noted!!!
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• 9/20/2015


I don't know where should I write this..
&gt; こんな日はくるりの ハイウェイとか流して
くるり(spells 'Quruli') is a band, and 'ハイウェイ' is their song.
So this line would be like:

We play Quruli's Highway on a day like this,

or something.
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• 7/2/2015

Weird thing about combos in game.

Tested playing the same song 手裏修羅雷 6☆ on 2 handphones Xperia Z2 and Z3 on 2 different accounts. Both with Full combo and Master but the max combo difference is about 5 - 10 notes with Z2 (380+ - 390 max) having lesser notes compare to Z3 (395 - 400). Z2 card are 2 URs and 3 SSR but Z3 is using 1SR (Main), 2 UR+ and 2 UR. 
Most funny thing was when I missed 3 notes on the Z3 I still get 400 combo. This was tested over a few days as I was grinding for friendship points with mine and my wife account. 
Wonder if anyone can give me an answer to this.
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• 6/23/2015

transferring your account??

GOSH I HOPE IM IN THE RIGHT PLACE (im so so so sorry if im not orz)
aaa but my question is, how on earth do you transfer your sb69 game account to another device? also, do you have to wait a certain amount of time after you transfer to transfer back?? any help would be lovely!!
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• 6/18/2015

Tip on play the game using 2 thumbs

To tackle 3 simultaneous notes we use sliding but wait! Do not slide horizontally across as this will affect the other note that is coming down and cause a GOOD or BAD / WORST.
Always slide diagonally to avoid the problem above.
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• 6/18/2015

What's your play style?

Let me start! 
I play the game with 2 thumbs on a Z2 Xperia been playing it this way since the beginning and hard to change. Can master almost all 6 star songs  (Tsurezure argh!!!),  can pass/master almost all 7 star songs and pass a few 8 star songs. Strategy is to slide on 3 notes and tap long notes that combo with other notes. Now with miss 2 and 3 cards life is easier.
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• 6/6/2015

Show by rock!! anime set to be dubbed by funimation.

The ADR director for the show is Caitlin Glass with Mike McFarland and Rachel Robinson as writers. Interestingly, Brina Palencia and Vic Mignogna will be aiding in the lyrics for the broadcast dub, the cast is as follows:
Bryn Apprill - Cyan
Alexis Tipton - Chuchu
Caitlin Glass - Retoree
Monica Rial - Moa
Vic Mignogna - Shu☆Zo
Ricco Fajardo - Kai
Micah Solusad - Riku
Mike McFarland - Crow
Jerry Jewell - Aion
Ian Sinclair - Yaiba
Chris Sabat - Rom
Sonny Strait - Maple
Rachel Robinson - Angelica
Justin Cook - Strawberry Heartwhat do you all think of the chosen voice cast?
are you excited to see the show will be getting dubbed?
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• 6/4/2015

Card page boxes

Hello once again~~
I was thinking, is it really necessary to have the rarity of the cards (e.g. UR ★★★★★) repeated as a header for all the boxes on the page? I think it would make more sense to just have the boxes labeled with the name of the band instead and remove the text inbetween that states the name of the band. I would just change it but since the template has that field labeled "Rarity", I don't wanna mess things up ´w`
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• 6/3/2015

Article formatting etc.

I've only been editing stuff on this wiki for two days now but I've noticed there are still quite a few unpolished articles that seem to be lacking gravely in the visual area u^u" Which isn't all that surprising, considering we are only just getting started!
Now, what I would like to suggest is that we take a look at the Love Live!! Wiki to maybe improve this situation? Love Live!! is quite similiar to SB69 in the sense that it also is a rhythm game that was turned into an anime so I feel like we could learn a lot from the way they do things!
This is the wiki I'm talking about:
They have very well organized pages and seem to be doing quite well so that's why I thought referencing this wiki could help us! I hope I do not offend anyone by saying so, I'm just trying to help uvu"
Have a nice day!KuraikoDesu
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